5º Grade Projects


Hi, to complete this project, you must follow these simple steps:
                  1. Print the worksheet, complete it and return it to me on Monday!
                  2. Complete the worksheet on the computer and print it afterwards. Again, you will return                       it to me on Monday!
  • If you can't print it, bring it to me in a pendrive. Do you know when? Yes!!!! ON MONDAY!!!
  • If you have any questions, please ask me at school!!!



Hi everyone! As you already know, you will have to create your own "glog" about one of the EU member countries. These are the bullets that you must include in such glog so you can already start looking for the information. Remember: you will not be able to start putting up information in your glog until I give you your passwords next week.

  1. Name of the country. 
  2. Map of the country. 
  3. Map of the country's location in Europe 
  4. Important monuments in the country 
  5. Country's flag. 
  6. Name and picture of the capital city. 
  7. Insert a video about the country. 
  8. Does it belong to the Eurozone? Why? / Why not? 
  9. Typical food (with picture) 
  10. Historical people (three country heroes...) 

And here you can see an example of what I want you to do. This is my France Glog!

These are the groups and countries that you have to work on.
  1. Ismael - Mei - Miguel             -- Ireland
  2. Francisco - Iván M. - Daniel   -- Germany
  3. Asier - Jesús - Lucas               -- U. K.
  4. Marta - Fernando - Elena        -- Belgium
  5. Noelia - Irene                          -- Italy
  6. Álex - Blanca                          -- Netherlands
  7. Inés - Alicia                            -- Czech Republic
  8. Pablo - Ana                             -- Greece
  9. Adrián - Iván R.                      -- Portugal
  10. Diego - Juan                            -- Sweden

Here you can see a tutorial video on how to use Glogster to create your own glog 

And now, another tutorial video to learn how to download videos for your glog. 

* Can't see the videos? Download and install this software, or update your Adobe Flash Player.

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  1. Hi! I´m Francisco.
    I can´t print well. Some lines can´t see in the paper.

    1. Hi, everything should be printed OK. However, don't worry if you can't print it perfectly. Just do it and complete it by hand. You can also complete it and bring it in a pendrive. You will not be in trouble since you told me in advance.

    2. ok,i do not have problema to print it