Natural Science 6º


  • Hi! Here you have the video that you need to watch before Monday! You can also watch this version...
  • And what about this one about the Brain???
  • Reading is important, so here you can read some cool facts about the senses.  
  • This is how sensitivity works, check out this presentation!! 
  • Time to play and complete the gaps!
  • Do you feel like taking a look at Unit 1 summary? Please, thank teacher Eva for this!!



  • And here, you can see a couple of videos about digestion: VIDEO I - VIDEO II. Click on this link to complete your homework. Remember to send it before Wednesday!!!!
  • Feel like playing a game about digestion?
  • Don't miss this videos and activities about the Circulatory System!!! If you complete the test, print it and give it to me because you might get an extra point at the end of the unit!
  • Here's the video with a heart transplant... Don't follow the link if you are not sure that you want to watch it...!
  • Do you want to learn about T-lymphocyte killers, one type of white blood cells? Do you want to see them in action destroying cancer cells? Follow this link to find out!!
  •  And here you can watch a video about respiration. Just type your name and last name and click the "go to lesson" button. Don't forget answering the questions!!!
  • This is the link that you need to follow to watch a video that we created some time ago. Don't miss it!!!


  • This is a fantastic webpage about human reproduction. Do not miss any page because it is really good.
  • Still need more information? Try this website.
  • Here you have the link to the online form that you have to complete. Don't forget clicking the "send" button!!!
  • Puberty!!!!!! Yeah, it is coming for all of you, so you may want to take a look at these videos to learn what's is coming up. Puberty in girls - Puberty in boys.
  • If you want to take a look at the Summary, you can already visit this link.


  • Here you can see Unit 4 summary. Again, thank teacher Eva for her hard work!


  • Do you need ideas for your electrical circuit? Check out these two videos... #1  #2
  • Do you want to build your own electromagnet? Watch this video, follow the instructions and bring it to school... you will get an extra point in the Unit's final grade!!!!


  • Here, you can check the Summary for Unit 6
  • So..., what is ENERGY?  Let's take a look at this video to find out...
  • This is a very interesting website about energy!
  • Do you want to watch a video about producing electricity?
  • Do you want to play some Energy games?

  • Take a look at the Summary, and remember that YOU did the last two pages!!!! 
  •  And here you have a presentation with pictures of the different operating parts in a machine.
  • And here you can check the solutions to the previous worksheets... Don't cheat!!!! 
  • Here's some information about pulleys 
  • Do you want to build your own pulley and get and extra point at the end of the unit? Follow this link!
  • Take a look at this worksheet about gears!

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