1. Spanish war of Independence - Pablo Huertas and Fernando Pérez
  2. Spain in the first half of the XIX century - Elena Valiente
  3. Spanish war of Independence and Fernando VII - Alicia Quintero
  4. Combustion and more... - Lucía Clemente and Sergio Álvarez
  5. Separating mixtures!!! - Daniel San Cristobal and J. Antonio Rodríguez
  6. More mixtures separating - Daniel Mota and Rubén Martín
  7. Last episode on separating mixtures - Rocío Ahijado and Elena Cortés
  8. One more about the Spanish war of Independence - Jesús Manuel Martín
  9. Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Alejandro López
  10. Social classes in Spain during the XIX century - Elena and Gemma Acosta
  11. Living things and their organization - Zaira Barea and Sandra Moya
  12. Cells and living things -Nuria Guerrero and Lidia Cobeña
  13. Living things - Pablo Cuenca and Gabriel Marín
  14. More living things - Diana López and María Medel
  15. Living things and cells - Sergio Berrendo and Pablo Vidal
  16. New show about living things - Jorge Peña and Álex
  17. We are getting to the end of unit 1, don't miss this episode - J. Antonio Cueva - Alexis Martín
  18. And last, but not least... Cells! - Hector and Julia Garrido
  19. Let's learn about Spain in the XVI century!! - Sandra Moya and Zaira Barea
  20. Ecosystems - Nuria Guerrero and Lidia Cobeña
  21. More ecosystems - Sergio Berrendo and Pablo Cuenca (turn up your speakers!)
  22. Guess what..., ecosystems!! - Jorge Peña and Pablo Vidal

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